The emotion we feel upon entering a truly sacred place is our heart’s spontaneous response to the Divine. It is our soul’s relief and gratitude of returning to spiritual respite.

As the Word is to our ears and minds, sacred environment is to our eyes and hearts. We enjoy a renewed perspective with each visit and are forever changed with each experience. It’s where our human presence can freely mingle with God’s Eternal Spirit.

Above all the environment joyously proclaims that these are indeed holy grounds – this is God’s house!

I have worked with Mike and Mark of Anthem Sacred furnishings for the past ten years and may I say it’s been a total delight!  Over the years, they have designed and delivered the highest quality of art work and furnishings that have far exceeded the parish’s expectation. Their attention to detail, knowledge of liturgical details, and ability to develop intricate artwork designs makes Anthem Sacred Furnishings a valuable and delightful asset!

Deacon Bob Holgren